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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Sweet Surprise at the Spa

Ohh, the proposal.

My sweet boy did some wonderful planning, I know that for sure. He's always been great and surprising me, and this was no exception. Mr. Coach and I had planned a little trip to San Antonio over my fall break from school to celebrate my 21st birthday as well as three years of dating. Because we were celebrating multiple other events, a wedding proposal (honestly!) never crossed my mind. We took a very similar trip the year before, and on that trip we each had a wonderful massage at a very nice spa right on the riverwalk. So, when planning this particular trip, we decided the massage was definitely something we’d want to do again, and Mr. Coach set up an appointment. This was the extent of my knowledge of the plans for our weekend. 

On Friday, October 14th, we had a yummy breakfast at our hotel, and then headed to our massage appointment a little early. We both really like to relax and take advantage of the steam room and hot tub when we’re at the spa (I know this makes us sound super pampered and indulgent, but we really just like to make the most of it!) 

Image via Mokara Spas
We got to the spa and went our separate ways into the locker rooms where I got into my comfy robe and spent some time reading a magazine. After the massage, this particular spa has this wonderful relaxation room where you can go and sit in very large & comfy chaise lounges, read a magazine and eat grapes, or just close your eyes and reminisce on the wonderful massage you just had. Ryan and I had spent time a good bit of time here last year after our massage. Because we had talked about how we were really looking forward to it just days before this appointment, of course I assumed we would be going straight into the room to relax after our massages. 

As we’re walking down the hall toward the relaxation room, Mr. Coach stops me and tells me he would rather go back to his locker room and take a shower before going to the relaxation room. He said the massage oil was irritating his skin and he just wanted to be able to rinse off, and enjoy our relaxation time after. (Yes, a lightbulb probably should've gone off. No, it didn't.)  Of course I just think this is the silliest thing ever because we’ve already spent time apart, and now I just want to relax together. I want to go straight to that comfy chair, have someone bring me fruit and champagne and let the time waste away. 

But no, the boyfriend wants to go take a shower first.

I reluctantly agreed, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to relax if he wasn’t relaxed too. We each go back to our locker rooms where I try not to rush too quickly and lose my “chill” while still getting back to the relaxation room as quick as possible. 

Once I make it back out of the locker room, Mr. Coach is still taking his shower. One of the nice staff members escorts me to the relaxation room where I can (attempt to) rest and wait for him. Five minutes later or so, Mr. Coach shows up, and immediately apologizes for wanting to shower and asks me to stand up and give him a hug so he can show me he’s sorry for making me wait. Yes, my boyfriend is very sweet, and I love his hugs, but at this point I’m thinking, Really? After all this you’re going to make me stand up and lose my chill again? Don't I look mightyyy comfy just sitting here? But again, I agreed - mostly because he wasn’t sitting down so I had to give in. I stood up, gave him a hug like he asked, and as I’m wrapping my arms around him I feel him reach behind his back. It all started happening very fast at this point, but I noticed Mr. Coach was shaking and that’s when it started to click. 

He started speaking at this point, some of the most romantic words I’ve ever heard, and I did my best to listen and take it all in – which was actually more difficult that I thought it would be! 

Ignore the wet hair and lack of makeup - I was straight out of  the shower :)
It was so overwhelming! My sweet boy ended his speech by asking me to be his bride and marry him. (Um, Yes! YES YES YES.) I helped him find the right correct hand and finger – he was nervous, can you blame him? – and then I noticed another man off to the side that had been taking pictures the whole time. Like I said, my boy did some planning. It turns out that everyone, and I mean everyone, at the spa was in on the whole thing. All of the ladies had been around the corner listening and came to congratulate us with tears in their eyes. Mr. Coach had not gone to take a shower, but actually RAN back to our hotel to get the camera so one of the staff members could photograph the entire proposal. It was absolutely perfect, and absolutely “us” which is what I love about it so much. At that point, relaxing was pretty much out of the question because I was so excited, but I'm not complaining!

I know all of you lovely ladies have some great proposal stories, so let's hear them! Anyone else spend the majority of the time thinking your fiance was losing their mind, when really they were just planning out the perfect moment? ;)

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