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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post-Proposal Bliss

After Mr. Coach got down on one knee and I said "Yes!", we chose to slow things down a bit and enjoy our first day as an engaged couple. Mr. Coach's parents knew he was going to ask me to marry him, and I’m sure they were expecting a "confirmation" phone call sooner than we gave them (sorry y’all :) ) but our immediate thoughts weren’t to call everyone and share the news just yet. Of course, we had plans to call our families and close friends later that evening, but in those first few hours after the proposal we made the time all about our relationship and us. We were able to soak it all in, and really enjoy the fact that we were engaged!

Mr. Coach and I spent around an hour and a half enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the spa, as well as the fruit and champagne they provided for us.

When we finally decided we were getting hungry, we left the spa and headed to lunch. But not before a few more pictures! (Mr. Coach is seriously SO patient with me, y'all)

We ate some tasty Italian food at a place on the riverwalk called Michelino's. Usually we get Mexican food on the river so this was a nice change for lunch. The lasagna we had was really good! That's saying a lot, because we're pretty picky about our Italian food :)

After lunch, we got ice cream at the Haagen Dazs on the river and enjoyed the view from the little balcony outside. 

Mr. Coach ate his a little too quickly before I could snap a picture ;)

After all of our snacking was done, we decided to take one of the river boat tours. We've done one before, but it was such a nice day outside and something about taking the tour with my fiance just sounded like so much fun :) I'm really glad we did it - it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the afternoon.

After the river tour, we decided to head back to the hotel and call our families. Getting to talk to them and share our excitement was certainly another highlight of the day. Everyone was thrilled for us, and nobody really seemed to be too surprised :)

That night, Mr. Coach took me to dinner at Chart House in the Tower of the Americas and we got to enjoy the spectacular view while we ate. It was a really wonderful ending to our long and exciting day, and the view of the city was spectacular.
The Tower of the Americas 

Looking back, I am so glad we made the decision to make the day about us as a couple. From what I’ve gathered from others and already experienced, the months between engagement and the wedding are very exciting, but also extremely busy.

Don’t get me wrong, I was SO excited to share the news with family, friends, and eventually Facebook, but almost immediately after we spilled the beans numerous people starting asking me questions like when and where the wedding will take place. I believe if Mr. Coach and I had not taken that time to ourselves and had just jumped right in to calling and texting everyone we knew, we probably would’ve regretted it. Having that time to celebrate with just each other (and of course gawk at my new ring!) was so special to me and it turned out to be a lot of what I remember about the day.

Did any of you wait a while to share the news of your engagement with friends any family? 

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  1. Loved reading this! Congrats on your engagement. You two make such a sweet couple! And yes, the next months are going to be hectic. haha But I'm sure you'll love every minute of it.

    I'm engaged too and I have a wedding blog that is FULL of great inspiration, so be sure to check it out. And right now I'm hosting a giveaway for a rustic-chic ring pillow, if you're interested. Winning would be a great way to start off your engagement! Hope to hear back from you!


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