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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Getting Hitched: Dancing the Night Away

After we finished feeding each other cake, and all of the toasts had been made, you had better believe Mr. C and I were ready to dance. Now, we may not be the best dancers, and the photo below may or may not be Mr. C "reeling me in"on the dance floor, but either way we have a great time making fools of ourselves!

Per our request, our DJ played quite a bit of classic rock, and started out the night by belting out a little Aerosmith to one another (no worries, the air guitar photos come later). It makes me so happy to see that Bridesmaid J is doing the same thing in the background. Who doesn't love a good power ballad!?

Only for you, hive. Only for you.

Officially the luckiest bride ever for getting to dance with this cutie! Love our little ring bearer!
There was also a good bit of country music played during our reception (in case you've forgotten, this is Texas, y'all!)  and I have to just take a moment and tell you guys how much fun it was to watch these two dance. As in, I seriously wanted to leave the reception immediately and go take dancing lessons at the nearest honky tonk. So amazing.

Bridesmaid J and her man putting us all to shame with their dancing skills.

Talented dancers or not, we had the best time dancing together as husband and wife. We knew at some point, though, that our feet would want a break, so we had planned with our DJ to do the Newlywed game as a little bit of entertainment for our guests. I've also heard the game called the shoe game (couples take off their shoes and use one of each for his & her answers) as well as seen it played with two drinks in hand (cocktail and beer for his and hers, etc.) as variations.

Our DJ provided us with a Barbie and Ken doll, and then proceeded to ask us questions about our relationship and each other. I don't have the exact list, but it included questions like "who is the better driver?" and "who is most likely to get lost while driving?" as well as the "easy" questions like "who do you love most in the whole world?" *Awww..*

A lot of DJ's actually have lists of their questions online if you want to use theirs as a guide, or you could make up your own or even have a bridesmaid do it. I chose to let the DJ use his so that neither of us would know what the questions were beforehand. We got quite a few laughs, and the game is quick enough paced that the guests didn't seem to get bored. It was a nice break-- long enough to grab another drink at the bar!-- and then we were back to dancing!

At that point in the night, things started to look a little more like this:

See, I told you the air guitar was coming.
No words are needed.

Hopefully seeing those pictures will help you understand the craziness that was our bouquet/garter toss. The bouquet toss wasn't too out of control. The girls put on their game faces and gave it their all..

Looking at this photo, I'm actually not sure how any of them caught it..
But in the end, my MOH was victorious. And I think her face just about says it all.

The garter toss... was a different story.

Yes, teeth were involved. Multiple people ended up on the ground. And the garter may or may not have been worn on the winning Groomsman's head for the rest of the night.

Celebrating their accomplishments ;)

So, it was obviously one of the goofier parts of the night, but I was so excited that everyone really got into it, especially the guys! I had this huge fear that none of the guys would come out to the dancefloor to try to catch the garter (omg! end of the world!) but luckily they all really got into it. I know a lot of people choose to skip this tradition for one reason or another, (more than likely because it's silly, and my pictures just proved that) but seriously, why not just go all out because when are you ever going to get the chance to throw a bouquet ever again!? ;)

Coming up: our last dance and exit!

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