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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just Hangin' Around

Yesterday, when I returned home from running a few errands, I found the most interesting package waiting on our doorstep.

Wanna see?

Now, what in the world could be wrapped up in that shape and have traveled all the way from Canada? Well, if you guessed my fancy wedding hanger, then you would be right!

Wedding hangers are another one of those items that I never even knew were a "thing" until I jumped into the world of wedding planning. They are certainly not a necessity, but have really become a common occurrence in so many wedding photos. I really love all of the different styles; from the wire Mrs. New First Name to pretty painted colors, they are all so much fun!

Classic green and white wedding 1

Photo by Dapper Images via Wedding Chicks
A few other bee's have DIY'ed hangers - Miss Lyre made a beautiful wire hanger for her bridesmaid's wedding, and Mrs. Dragon and Mrs. Hyena personalized painted hangers for their weddings. However, this was a not a project that I thought I could successfully DIY, and I really wanted a beautiful hanger to hold my wedding dress on the big day, so I ordered this beauty and called it a day.

One of my favorite things about the hanger is the ornament that is included to hang from the top. It's such a nice little touch, and there were multiple shapes to choose from.

I ordered the hanger from Kelly Jonsson of Black Scrap Cat over at Etsy, and I was so pleased with the quality of her work and the experience of working with her. So, if you're like me and don't want to DIY this particular item, I highly recommend her pretty wedding hangers!

Anyone else going the personalized hanger route? It's really so weird seeing MRS. Coach, and realizing it's me!

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