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Thursday, October 25, 2012

To Put Things in Perspective

The Coach wedding weekend is officially upon us! Mr. Coach's parents' flight is due to arrive this afternoon, and from there the excitement begins. I have been able to take care of a lot of last minute tasks this week, and even squeeze in a project here and there. On that note, I started getting curious about what all I have accomplished during this entire planning process. It's been really easy lately for me to feel like I didn't make enough items for the wedding decor, or I didn't tackle enough projects I saw on Pinterest, and I was hoping to shoot those thoughts down by doing a little recap of what I've been able to accomplish.

If you remember, I posted a while back a short list of DIY items I was hoping to tackle. Three months out from the wedding, I was hoping to tackle this list:
  • sew/create the ring bearer’s pillow
  • design some sort of holder, probably a frame, for the escort cards at the reception
  • put together a gift/care package for my lovely bridesmaids
  • create table numbers for the reception
  • decide on our exit from the reception, and then put together whatever “supplies” will be needed
As mentioned previously, it was nothing too crazy, but definitely some things that would make me feel like our wedding had a personal touch. You guys, I am so happy to report that I completed all of this things! The only small exception being with the ring bearer's pillow, but that's a story for after the wedding :)

We decided on bubbles for our exit, and I hand tied one hundred tiny bows around the bottles. I know it doesn't look like that many, but believe me, it is. I also created a fun sign to let our guests know what time we will be making our exit (if you look closely, there's even little bubbles in the background!) My hope is that some of the older folks will see we aren't heading out too late, and they'll decide to stick around :)

You guys probably remember another item on the list, our glitter table numbers, which I am still very proud of.

And recently, I showed you all how I made our DIY escort card holder, one of the main items I wanted to check off that list.

Overall, I am really happy with the items I was able to complete, and I honestly didn't realize until I looked back at the list that I hadn't left even one off. Of course, there will always be those extra details that you see on Pinterest and wish you had time to make for your own wedding, but I highly recommend to those of you early on in the planning process to make a list of tasks and projects you really want to achieve, and use it as your main inspiration. It helps put things in perspective when you're two days out and need some encouragement :)

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