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Monday, September 17, 2012

Some Sparkle for My Shoes

I'm really not sure what I would do without you guys. Once again, y'all have helped me make a tough decision, and I am so, so happy that I listened to all of you!

The tough decision I'm referring to is one that many of you will remember - what to do with my red shoes? I first showed you all the shoes here, and then after making the decision to stick with the red option, I presented you guys with the dilemma of which shoe chips to choose. There was an overwhelming response favoring the bling! I should've known - y'all are such a sparkling group :)

Many of you liked this shiny pair of clips from Big Rock Bridal:

image via Big Rock Bridal on Etsy
While others were fans of the fun bow clips from Kirsten Kuehn:

image via Kirsten Kuehn Designs on Etsy
And, I have to say, I was loving the bows as well! After hearing from all of you, I headed over to Kirsten's website to check out those lovelies. While looking for the clips pictured above, I discovered all of the other fun options she offers.

Look at all of those choices! / Image via
It was a tough decision to make, but I ended up choosing the Carrie shoe clips because I looove Sex & the City because they're a little bolder and have a little more character.

I mentioned here that I do tend to worry a bit when I order items online, so when the clips arrived in the mail recently I was nervous to try them out. However, I can say that these beauties were one of the best wedding purchases I have made! They're just fabulous - beautiful, great quality (I was worried about how the clip would attach to the shoe) and I just love them.

I think they really spice up my red shoe without looking like they don't match or were an afterthought (even though they were :) ) and they are such a great size. 

I had assumed I would put the bows on the front of the shoe just the way the pictures shows, (and I will probably end up doing so) but I had such a great time playing around with the different options, and I think they really could all work!

Has anyone else made a recent upgrade to their wedding wardrobe? Any other Kirsten Kuehn Designs lovers? I maaaay just have to get one of those gorgeous bouquet wraps.

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