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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Coach Invitations, Revealed!

The invitations have been sent out and responses are starting to flow in, and I know y'all know what that means: it's time to show off our invitation suite! I really love invitation reveals here on the 'Bee. I just think it's so fun to see everyone's wedding planning really coming together and get a glimpse at such an important part of their wedding!

Some of you might remember, but for those who have shown up since then or need a refresher, Mr. C and I really wanted something romantic and classic, without looking too traditional, read: Boring. I loved a lot of the options that Minted had, and after having such a great experience with our save the dates, and the way I raved about them, some of you probably guessed that we would find our perfect invitation there - and you would be right! So, enough chit chat - here is a little look at what the Coach wedding guests have been receiving in their mail boxes the last week! (I used the sample invitation that we had received from Minted instead of having to blur all the pretty details from our actual invite.)

I really wanted to use ribbon as a belly band of sorts, and finally decided on this thin, red ribbon to tie things together. The smaller bow still laid fairly flat inside the envelope, so I didn't have to worry about tearing or things getting too messed up in transit.

The calligraphy on the envelope is one of my favorite parts of the whole ensemble. The beautiful writing was done by Rachel Carl and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I hate that I have to blur it out, but the return address on the back was such a fun detail too.

One of my other favorite parts was our fun little return address stamp. I also ordered this from Rachel, and I may have to get some more of these in the future because they just make putting your address on things so fun! For the sake of not having to blur, this is the sample of the style we chose from her website:

Image via Rachel Carl Co. on Etsy
I reaaaally didn't want to hand write the address on all of the RSVP envelopes, and I wasn't feeling a label or printing, so I went with one of her handmade stamps. I think it is certainly worth the money because we can use it not only for the wedding, but any time in the future as well. It's great quality and was super fun to use on all the envelopes :)

Some of you may also remember my Moo Card teaser a while back. I decided to use Mini Moo Cards for our wedding website, and I really think it fit nicely with our invitation package - especially the cards with Mr. C's red sweater - he just matches perfectly :) We used a mix of six different photos, because I couldn't choose just one, and each guest got a fun little picture of us with the website info.

So, now you're probably all tired of looking at photos of our invitations :) But, tell me about yours! Did anyone else start getting RSVP responses back? It just makes everything seem so real!

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