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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tote Bags for the Bridesmaids

I've always been a little skeptical when it comes to buying items online. Factors like quality of the product and the unknown delivery time really make me worry. During college, I started buying textbooks online (instead of paying the unbelievable amount the bookstore wanted) and this helped my fears a little, but now that I am in full on wedding planning mode, I can't imagine not shopping online. Not having access to the world of Etsy would have completely denied me of so many wedding details, and I couldn't have had important parts of our big day, like the invitations, if it weren't for online shops like Minted. So, I've put most of my fears aside and I have no problem making those online purchases any more! My bank account is not happy about this, but I sure am - especially when I get to show you guys a fun purchase like the one I just recently made.

I really wanted to get a fun bag/tote/purse to give to my bridesmaids to use during the wedding. I know you guys are no strangers to bridesmaid totes around here - Miss Lyre DIY'ed her own chevron totes, and Miss Hawk did some awesome monograms, but while I'm working on numerous other projects, I decided to search the web for a pre-made option that I couldn't live without :)

Options on Etsy were abundant, but also a little pricey for my liking. I kept looking back at these chevron options because they were so fun, but for the size and lack of personalization I thought the price was a little much.

Small Chevron totes via OohBabyInfinity on Etsy
I've always thought the jute monogrammed bags from Ballard Designs look so nice, but again, too pricey to be buying for a group! Not to mention I really liked the white, and it was on backorder. *sigh*
Tote Bags from Ballard Designs
Finally, I ended up at Wedding Chicks shop, and starting searching through their many options of $10 totes. The price was certainly right, I just wasn't sure about finding the right design. I really liked bags that had both "bridesmaid" and the name on them, rather than just one or the other (I know, I know, obsessive much?) and of course the option that I liked (Rosy) at Wedding Chicks was not a $10 tote, but a $26 one. Fail. However, (yes there is an ending in sight) I actually fell in love with another very simple design, the Lavish Bridal Party tote. I ordered them - much more willingly than a Miss Coach just a few years ago would've done - and they have arrived!

Of course, I was a little unsure what the quality would be like having never purchased from their shop before, but I am really happy with how they turned out! They are a little bigger than I was expecting, good quality for wedding day use and the printing looks great. They have a lot of color options (I'm boring and chose black) that could match and bridal party's colors and also have matching Mother of the Bride/Groom bags to match which I thought were fun. I got Momma C a bag as well, but didn't put it in the pictures - let's see how closely she reads my posts ;)

I'm planning to fill the bags with all kinds of wedding day goodies, including the girls' getting ready attire (more on that soon, but here's my inspiration post) and some "just in case" things they might need. I'm also thinking about personalizing them just a little more. I'd really like to have the girls' names on their bags, maybe with a fun tag or pin attached? Either could be DIY'ed super easy! I'm also thinking about dressing them up a little more, maybe with a fun faux flower attached in red to match their dresses?

Personalized Name Tags via DreamState on Etsy
Here's where I would love some help from you guys - what did you put in bags to give to your bridesmaids? Anything you didn't include that you wish you would've?

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