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Monday, September 3, 2012

Table Numbers: (Finally) A Success!

Hive, I love you guys. And because I love y'all, I'm going to share the entire process of making our table numbers. Instead of just saying, Hey look at this super cute project I did and how great it turned out, you guys are going to get the good, bad AND the ugly. Maybe that's more of a punishment than a treat, but either way, I'm sharing it all!

The table number process started a few weeks ago when I shared my inspiration with y'all and asked for your suggestions. A lot of you liked the blinged out numbers with rhinestones, as did I, so I was on the lookout for something super sparkly I could DIY. About a week ago, Style Me Pretty posted this super cute birthday party, complete with lots of sparkle. One of the images was this glittery gold number four, and it was exactly what I had been looking for/didn't even know I was looking for until I found it!

Image via Style Me Pretty
After a quick Google search, I found that these numbers could easily be attached to wood bases, allowing them to stand up and serve as the perfect table number, so I set off to gather my supplies and make my own. I started with wood numbers and bases, Glitter Blast Glitter Spray (which I had read could work wonders), clear sealer, and my trusted glue gun.

I chose Diamond Dust for the glitter color, hoping for a nice sparkle and shine that would accent our white wedding centerpieces but unfortunately this is not the result I got. After attaching the numbers to the bases with my hot glue gun, I took them outside to start painting.

The result was terrible. Not only was the coverage very, very minimal, but I found out how finicky the paint was about bubbling and dripping if you don't move fast enough aren't a very good spray painter. After doing a little more research, I realized I had picked the one color of Glitter Blast that was meant to be more of a top layer, and had no color of it's own. Perfect. So I pulled out a can of white spray paint I already had to create a base, and then try the glitter on top of it. The result was much better...

A little texture, but not much sparkle - I should've taken the "dust" part more seriously..
..but it just wasn't enough glitter for me. Honesty, looking back at the pictures it was hard for me to tell which was just the white base coat, and which had glitter. I was really pretty disappointed. I didn't want to do red glitter numbers - too "Dorothy's slippers" for me - and the white wasn't working, so I wasn't sure where to go next.

I headed back to the craft store to check out the other options they had, and the silver option caught my eye. Our ballroom will have silver and gold Chiavari chairs, and I'm leaning toward silver chargers for the table, so the silver numbers could definitely work! I purchased a silver base coat (just to be safe) and  the silver glitter and headed home for round two.

I tried out the new stuff on the messed up '5' just to be safe, and ohmygosh you guys - the result was so much better. The silver coat by itself had so much coverage, and the glitter on top of it looked fantastic. It even hides the flaws from the previous coats really well.

Round two!
Left: silver base coat, Right: base coat+glitter 
I let them dry for a day or so (while repeatedly going outside to check them out in different light) and then sprayed on the clear sealant to hopefully avoid glitter all over our guests' carefully chosen dinner.

Look at that glitter!

The store was out of a few numbers, so I had to special order them and will continue to paint them as they come in. I ordered another '5' just to be safe! I really think when these are paired with the entire table set-up they are going to pop in the best of ways. I'm considering even adding another coat of the glitter spray if I have enough at the end.

Okay, guys - what do you think!?

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