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Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Hitched: Bridal Portraits

Because you guys never got to see my wedding dress before I started recaps, (in fact I really only mentioned dress shopping in one or two posts) I decided to dedicate a post to sharing some pictures of my beloved wedding gown. I know that bridal portraits are not as common everywhere as they are in the South, and a lot of people don't "get" bridal portraits, but a pre-wedding photo session was something I always knew I would want to do. I also highly recommend bridal portraits because they are the perfect time so make sure everything (hair, makeup, dress, jewelry, etc.) fits and looks the way you want it to before the big day! 

Momma Coach and I headed out one afternoon back in August to meet our photographer, Megan, for a little photo session. I really wanted to get some photos outside and in a completely different setting than we would be in at the Piazza. Megan suggested an area near White Rock Lake in Dallas, and I am still so in love with the photos she got (especially some of the last ones near the weeping willow!) The day leading up to the photos was actually quite hectic. Momma C and I ended up driving all over Dallas in order for me to get my hair done at one salon, makeup at another, put on my dress back at home, pick up my bouquet, and then finally head out to meet Megan. We ended up being super late (which Megan was so nice about - love her!) but we finally made it and had the best time. The whole experience also made me super thankful that everyone was coming to me on the wedding day, instead of the other way around!

Be prepared: this post is pretty picture heavy and it's a whole lotta Coach in one post.  If you don't feel like looking at my mug for the next 20 pictures or so, feel free to skip this post :) Now that you've been warned, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...

All photography by Megan Fortner

That laughing face tends to make a lot of appearances during picture time.. 
I was, and still am, SO in love with my bouquet from Haute Floral. I wanted pops of red with some Fall texture, and Kristen nailed it.

So, are you guys taking portraits before the wedding or setting aside some time on the big day? I typically hate being the one in front of the photo lens, but when you have your hair and makeup done, sometimes it's just fun to change it up a little!

Next up, we return to our regularly scheduled recaps and the guys get ready!

Miss a recap?

First, I shared some of my favorite guest photos from the big day!

Next, Mr. C and I spent some quality time with family, rehearsed for the big day, and then enjoyed our tasty rehearsal dinner.

My girls and I spent some quality time together and got our hair and makeup done in our hotel suite.

We headed over to the Piazza, where I slipped into my dress.

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