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Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Hitched: The Girls Get Ready

Getting ready on the morning of our wedding was one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding experience. Okay, I could probably say that about every part of the day... and, I think I already said it about our rehearsal dinner and night out with our closest friends, but I really did like it all! Don't make me choose! ;)

There are so many things I liked about the Piazza, but unfortunately they only give you a short amount of time before the ceremony to get ready in the bridal suite. (You can pay for extra time the week of the wedding if for some reason they don't have a morning wedding on your day, but our budget was way past maxed at that point and waiting until the week of the wedding to decide where we were getting ready sounded like unnecessary stress to me.) Because we wouldn't have enough time to have hair & makeup done at the Piazza, I decided to reserve a large suite at a nearby Marriott so we could enjoy our time as well as the extra space to move around. Again, it was one of my favorite parts of the day. I loved having my best friends and sweet mother all in one room with me, getting ready for one of the most important days of my life. We had Starbucks, listened to music, laughed and laughed some more - it was fabulous!

Our view for the morning was pretty spectacular, and because I spent a good bit of time in the makeup chair, I got to thoroughly enjoy it. For those in the DFW area, we (as well as our bridal party and families) stayed at the Marriott Solana in Westlake, and we were very happy with the service!

Check out that view! Dallas, you continue to surprise me. 

I chose to pay for each of my bridesmaids to have their hair done, and then let them decide what they would like to do for their makeup. Two ended up choosing to do their own, and MOH L wanted to have hers professionally done, but everyone looked spectacular in my opinion. I was so happy with how everyone's hair turned out, and Amanda did a fantastic job on the makeup for my MOH, Momma Coach, and me.
Beautiful Bridesmaid J getting her hair done
Oh, heyyy, Momma C! Lookin' good!
Lovely ladies touching up their makeup
Some of you might remember my post about choosing Amanda to do my makeup, and how I hardly wear any makeup on a daily basis. Well, for someone who wears very little (makeup, that is), I sure do love having it professionally done. Same goes for my hair. I enjoyed every second sitting in those chairs, having the ladies work their magic. 

Considering the amount of laughing that was taking place, it may have taken Amanda a little longer than normal to finish her work...

Watching the pros hard at work/Check out that gorgeous hair!
I really love the picture below of my momma and me. If it's even possible, she was just as excited as I was the entire day, and every photo of her is absolutely stunning because of the way she was glowing. 
The picture on the right is of her gift from me, and personalized handkerchief made out of... wait for it... pieces from HER wedding dress, *tear*. A few months before the wedding, she brought me her wedding dress and told me I could do with it as I pleased, as she knew I wouldn't be wearing it. I found a seamstress to work some wedding magic, and Momma Coach loved it. Keep an eye out, because it will be making a few other appearances throughout the day!

After everyone was completely made up, we took a little time to pose for the camera. Many of you probably already noticed (you're a sharp bunch!) that my girls and I were donning our monogrammed oversized button ups while we were getting ready. MIL Coach actually made these for us, and saved me a ton of money (thank you, thank you, thank you!!) I found the shirts, showed her my inspiration photos, and she took care of the rest. What do you guys think?

Why, hello there, lovely monogram. So nice to finally meet you. 
I was SO happy with how they turned out, and the girls loved them. I had mentioned in my inspriration post a fear that the girls wouldn't get to use them post-wedding, but almost immediately after opening them they all commented they could wear them as night shirts, or even with tights - score! I was so excited to hear they loved them as much as I did.

 Once pictures were finished, we grabbed a quick bite to eat (which I highly recommend!), and the girls slipped into their beautiful dresses.

Finally, we gathered all of our belongings, loaded up the car, and headed to the Piazza so that I could put on my dress! Stay tuned! 

Miss a recap?

First, I shared some of my favorite guest photos from the big day!

Next, Mr. C and I spent some quality time with family, rehearsed for the big day, and then enjoyed our tasty rehearsal dinner.

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