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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting Hitched: Guest Photos

Now that my omgmyweddingisover rambling is out of the way, it's time to jump right in to photo recaps!

I decided to start off with some of my favorite guest photos that I wanted to share with you guys, mostly because I was somewhat anti-guest photos before the wedding. I know that unplugged weddings have become a pretty big topic of discussion; I've seen it pop up on the boards, and I know other bees have talked about their stances before (there's a few Offbeat Bride articles on the topic if you're unsure what I'm talking about). If you would've asked me a month before the wedding how I felt about guests taking photos, I would've told you I was not a fan, and I was planning to somehow ask them not to. Fast forward to the week before the wedding, where I realized it was too late to add a paragraph to the programs and there wasn't a place with high visibility at our venue to frame a sign asking everyone to turn their cameras off. Now, what? Well, because I couldn't keep guests from taking photos (I could've asked our officiant to make an announcement, but I thought that was a little too in your face) I set my Facebook setting to where I had to approve photos I was tagged in and tried to forget about it.

And I did forget about it, until I checked my phone the morning after the wedding (bad honeymooner!) and saw a few photos I had been tagged in. Rather than feel upset that there had been photos posted, I was actually overjoyed! I quickly flipped through the pictures and immediately wanted to see more. Given, there were a few I wasn't crazy about the angle or how I looked, and a few were just too blurry, but they were all fun to look at and enjoy with Mr. C. I approved the ones I like, hid the ones I didn't, and that was that. Of course the photos are only hidden from my actual Facebook, but it was the best solution for me, and one that I was happy with. I also noticed that most of the guests took photos during the reception, with only a few snapping some shots during the ceremony. It seemed like most everyone was pretty in the moment during the ceremony, which is most brides' main worry anyway.

So, long story short, you might not actually hate having guest take photos as much as you thought, and you might be surprised that a lot of people put down their cameras on their own and just enjoy the day - I was! Although, I still totally support those of you who ask guests no to take pictures - some people just need to be reminded!

Now, back to the photos! This first photo is actually one taken on my iPhone the morning of the wedding. I had planned to leave my dress in my vehicle until we got to the Piazza because there was no reason to drag it up to the hotel room we got ready in, just to carry it back out to the car.... Except for photos. Oops - forgot about those. So, MOH L and I ran out to my car in freeeeezing weather (okay, it was only in the 40's that morning, but a cold front had come through and we were unprepared!) and took turns lugging that thing back up to the top floor. She was such a great help the entire day, and I just love this photo as a fun memory with her:

MOH L taking her turn carrying the heaaaavy dress
Momma Coach took this photo while I was getting my makeup done, but the main reason I liked it was because you'll notice our wonderful videographer Vanessa filming over in the corner. I'm so, SO excited to see what was being filmed on her side of the lens (obviously my mom in this pic) throughout the day. Many people told me she captured them doing something throughout the day (including MIL & FIL Coach in the photo booth - too cute!!), and I am just dying to see it all come together in our video.

Next, a few photos snapped before the ceremony started:

Bridesmaids and little cousin/house party member, all looking fabulous in their dresses.
Love this girl!
 A guest favorite from the ceremony - one that I shared with you guys as a sneak peak:

A cell phone pic of Bridesmaid R and House Party member C - these girls were my college roommates for two years, and we had way too much fun together!

One of my sweet flower girls, getting her picture taken next to my bridal portrait. She way just way too cute!

And, finally, one of my favorites, breaking it down with two of my favorite nephews on the dance floor! Those boys had some moves! :)

So, the guest photos obviously weren't professional, nor were they a complete summary of the day, but many of them are so special to me now and I really am glad I have them. Anyone else surprised by how much you appreciated guest photos?

Next up, the rehearsal!

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