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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting Hitched: The Groom Gets Snazzy

We were really impressed with the Piazza's Groom's Suite when we were searching for venues. It's a nice space for the guys, right off of the chapel and courtyard area, and they have some fun amenities for the guys including a TV and Xbox with games. Unfortunately, Mr. C didn't get to enjoy those things as much as he would've liked because after he got dressed, he headed off to a first look with me! But the Groomsmen hung around in there for a few minutes, and I'm hoping they were able to make the most of their time.

After the photographers and videographers got their shots of me putting on my dress, they all headed over to check out my future hubby while he was getting ready. 

Groomsman Tom kindly invited them in...

I was so happy to see at least a few pictures of Mr. C enjoying the food and drinks that had been placed in the suite. Before the wedding, he had chosen ballpark pretzels as a snack to be waiting on them in the suite - seriously, could the guys' version of a wedding day be any more different from the girls? There's no way you could've talked us into eating anything with dripping condiments. The guys also enjoyed some champagne and a few Shiner Bocks (there's nothing finer!) before they had to step into their suits. 

After he was done snacking, Mr. C got the go ahead to start putting on his wedding attire. I know I get way too sentimental over these things, but I just love the following photos of Mr. C's groomsman, Parker, helping him get ready. I'm not sure if the photogs told him to do this or if Mr. C actually needed help but I just think they're so special! They have been great friends since high school and Mr. C really loved getting to spend time with him during the wedding weekend. Aw, man love.

This photo of something so simple as Mr. C tying his shoes just melts me. It's something I've watched him do so many times as he gets ready for work each morning, and I love this picture of him following his same routine, but on our wedding day! I know, I know.. way too sentimental.

Lookin' good for the paparazzi in the corner ;)

After one final look in the mirror, he was ready to go! These last two pictures perfectly sum up my groom: charming, handsome, and goofy as all get out.

Up next: Our first look - finally!

All photography by Megan Fortner.

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Next, Mr. C and I spent some quality time with family, rehearsed for the big day, and then enjoyed our tasty rehearsal dinner.

My girls and I spent some quality time together and got our hair and makeup done in our hotel suite.

We headed over to the Piazza, where I slipped into my dress.

I showed off my wedding gown in my pre-wedding Bridal Portraits.

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