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Thursday, May 17, 2012

So Many Colors, So Little Time

Deciding on our overall color scheme and decor for the wedding was somewhat of a struggle. I was almost positive I wanted my bridesmaids to wear red, simply because I have always loved red and I really think if it's done the right way it can be so elegant. What I don't like is when red weddings just remind me of Christmas and holiday decor. The contrast of solid red and solid white is just too much for me sometimes. I wanted to be able to use red bridesmaid dresses, without using such a bold color for all of the other decorations, and without the holiday comparison. I needed to figure out a way to incorporate the color I liked, without it looking like it was the middle of December and without overdoing it with such a saturated color.

Because we're getting married in October, I also wanted to have some sort of fall elements in the decor, but I didn't want the typical red, orange and brown combination that comes to mind. These colors are beautiful, and part of why I have always wanted a fall wedding (lovely colorful leaves on the trees!) but I felt like they were exactly what people would expect of a fall wedding, and I wanted to mix it up a little. I knew there was some way I could avoid that color scheme, while still complementing it with other colors.

As I began my search, pictures like these really caught my eye. I was drawn to bright red dresses, with bridesmaid bouquets with lots of autumn-like texture:
Image via Style Me Pretty, Flowers by Blomma Flicka
Image via Style Me Pretty 
Perfect! Well, not so much. As much as I loved the contrast of bright, multicolored bouquets against bold red dresses, and the different textures of fall without that same old color scheme, this didn't really help my decision. I felt they would look a little to rustic and casual for my taste if I used them for all of the reception centerpieces. The wedding centerpieces that I had already seen that I liked were very classic and typically not so multicolored. I also wanted to tone down the "rustic-ness" of these flowers and add a little softness.
Image via Style Me Pretty
I know I'm going crazy talking about flowers like there's no tomorrow - stay with me just a little longer :) 

Next, I began to focus on the other decor for the ceremony and reception. I'll be honest, I fell in love almost immediately with images like these:
Image via The Knot, Photo by Alternate Angles, Flowers by Lilacs
Image via Style Me Pretty , Photo by James Christianson
 I know, I know - these photos look nothing like the flowers I like for the bridesmaids. I just can't help myself! I just swoon over the classic and elegant look of the all white. 

So, are you ready for this??

I'm using both.

Before I even began meeting with florists, I decided I liked and wanted to use both of these styles, so my hopes were that I would find a florist who understood the look I was going for and could make it a reality. Going into my florist search, one of my most important requirements was that they would be able to see my vision for the day, and somehow combine all of this madness that is fall texture and white elegance. My hope is that we can somehow tie in the all white look of the reception centerpieces with the pops of color that will be in the bridesmaids' flowers. Curious how it's all going to come together? Me too. Guess we'll have to wait around until October to find out :) 

Did anyone else decide to combine more than one type of inspiration you liked, or am I the only crazy one? I mean, there is going to be a ceremony and a reception, so why not get creative with both? ;) Tell me about your color choices!

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