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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What to Wear: Bridesmaids Edition

As you’ve probably already figured out, it typically doesn’t take too terribly long for me to make a decision with many wedding related items. Of course there are exceptions – sometimes my decision is really just a lack of one, as we saw with the floral decorations. But so far, it has really just been a matter of doing some research online, meeting with the vendor in person to make sure we like them, and then putting down a deposit. This was the case with the DJ, Harpist, and the person who will do my makeup (more on that coming soon!).  Following suit, choosing the dresses for the bridesmaids was a fairly simple process, which I am very thankful for!
It seems as if finding a dress for your ladies to wear can sometimes be one of the more stressful choices during the planning process, which I completely understand. The process is filled with difficult questions like whether or not to have the entire group of ladies match, or to allow them to each choose a unique dress style or color. And if you do choose the route of matching dresses, it can be difficult to find a style that is flattering for each bridesmaid or find a style that everyone can agree on. 

I did my best to have most of these factors decided before we started visiting stores and trying on dresses. I wanted the girls to wear red, so I was hoping to find a dress we all liked in a shade of red that looked good as well.

Because I’m in love with pictures like this:

image via Continuum Photography

And this:
image via Southern Weddings, photo by Virgil Bunao
..I chose to go the matching dress route. I do love bridal parties with different dresses in a coordinating color scheme, especially in light, neutral colors like so:


...But I was honestly afraid that with a small bridal party of just three bridesmaids it wouldn’t have the same effect if I let them choose individual dresses. My lovely bridesmaids are also very similar in height and size, so I felt that the streamline matching look could work really well with this group.

My next choice was whether or not I wanted the dresses to be floor length, at the knee, or somewhere in between. If our wedding was during the summer I would’ve chosen a short dress, no questions asked. Likewise, if it were a winter affair I would’ve chosen a floor length gown with a heavier fabric. However, we chose to have the wedding in October because of the pleasant weather (among other reasons) that is so rare in the Lone Star State. With the wedding at this time of the year, either style of dress could really be appropriate, so it was just up to all of us to decide what we liked more. 

Personally, I liked the idea of a long dress. I thought they would look very elegant and fit the style of the venue really well. I just wanted to check with the bridesmaids to be sure before I made a decision. When I asked the girls for their opinion, I suspected each of them would prefer a short dress. I was extremely surprised that each of them was not only okay with the idea of a long gown, but actually thought it would look really nice. So, it was settled, and the search began for a red, floor length, elegant bridesmaid dress that would satisfy each of our tastes!

How did you decide what style you wanted for your bridesmaids? Did you come up with an idea before you started shopping, or did you wait until the girls were trying on dresses to decide you liked a didn't like?

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