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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What to Wear: Engagement Session

Before I share our engagement photos, I want to cover something that was a pretty difficult decision for me: choosing what to wear for the engagement session!

I know it is becoming more popular to do “themes” for engagement shoots now. I am in love with photos of those types of sessions, but it really just didn’t fit Mr. Coach and I. We had already decided that we wanted to have our photos taken at the Shops at Legacy. We have spent many date nights there – either having a glass of wine, eating dinner, or seeing a movie, and I really wanted to tie that date night “feel” into some of our photos. So, although we didn't have any type of theme, our location had special meaning, and we really wanted to play up the kind of evening we typically have there.

Side note: I found multiple photographers that had information on their websites about what looks good and not-so-good on camera. This can be extremely helpful when you’re thinking about color & patterns and whether or not you want to be all matchy matchy. I just Google'd "engagement photos what to wear"!

I started out looking for “formal” or “date night” engagement photos on the internet. Some of my favorite inspiration was images like these.
Image via

I knew I wanted to wear a fun dress like those in the pictures – this is typically what I wear out anyway. I tried to stick with bold colors and/or patterns that would really *pop* on camera, as well as items that weren't skin tight, but also weren't too flowy and would look shapeless in the photos. 
Found here
Found here
Found here

Along with the nicer outfit for date night, we also wanted to do some casual shots around the lake and beautiful garden area that the Shops at Legacy have. For these, I was planning on something like so:
Found here
A bright blouse to pair with jeans:
Found here

And possibly another dress – something fun and flowy:
Photo Credit:

After I had my inspiration, I set out to put together some outfits. I ended up doing a little shopping before the session (any excuse for new clothes!) and found a few things I liked, but I also pulled out a favorite or two that I already had in the closet. I found that it was very helpful to have an idea – one nicer outfit, one casual dress, one casual top/jeans combo, etc. – of what I wanted to put together, rather than just trying to pick out 3 outfits that I "liked". Of course, it wasn’t just me in the photos, we also had to coordinate clothes for Mr. Coach, but he was very helpful and I think we did a pretty good job overall! Coming up next, I’ll share what we decided to wear, and reveal some of our wonderful photos!

How did you choose what to wear for your engagement shoot? Am I the only one who has an extremely difficult time with this sort of task? :) 

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