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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Engagement Photo Reveal

Now that you know how hard it was for me to decide what to wear, the time has come to share these beauties. Let's be honest, this post is going to be a little picture heavy, but who doesn't love some good engagement photos? 

All photos by the wonderful Megan Fortner!

First up we have a few pictures that were taken at a wine bar called Cru. We frequent this quaint little place on weekends, so it was the perfect place to start of our date night/afternoon.

I mentioned that I wanted to start out with a nicer outfit for both of us. This dress was one that I already owned from Loft, paired with some white pumps. Mr. Coach kept the stripe theme going with a nice button up and some navy slacks. Just keepin' it classy, folks :) We also took a few pictures at the Angelika Film Center where we often see movies.  

After our wardrobe change, we got some pictures outside by the lake, and then took a walk around some of the town homes and shops that were nearby. This dress was something I bought new for the pictures, found here, and I have gotten a lot of use out of it since. I loved how bright and cheerful it was!

Finally, we changed our outfits one more time and then took a short drive over to a nearby field and a fire station to snap a few more photos. I really liked the color and pattern of this blouse (which I bought new for the session) and I feel like it photographed really well. I paired it with a skinny brown belt that I owned, and my favorite brown boots!

Our photographer, Megan was awesome! She was super professional, she had great ideas throughout the afternoon as well as an awesome eye for good locations, and she was so much fun to be around! I highly recommend her if you're in the DFW area!

Overall, we kept it pretty simple with our outfits and surroundings, which I think is a great idea because it keeps the focus on YOU. For anyone out there who is like us, and didn't want to go all out with a themed shoot, I think having pictures taken at your favorite date spot or somewhere you're familiar with is a really good alternative - it allows you to be more at ease, and just enjoy being together like you would if the camera was not there. 

Although it's nothing new to us and our relationship, Mr. Coach and I also tried to laugh A LOT during the session; joking with each other felt natural, and kept us from getting nervous or taking ourselves too seriously. I highly recommend it :)

Tell me about your engagement shoot - did you plan all the details and go the theme route? Anyone else use a date night for your session?  

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