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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kate Spade Strikes Again!

Kate Spade is no stranger around these parts. She's already made many appearances here in the Hive, and today is no exception. I'm jumping on the Kate Spade bandwagon and we are trucking right along! As much as I love seeing those gold letters and unwrapping that brightly colored box, I have tried my best not to go too crazy with Kate Spade goodness. Of course, there are always exceptions :)

When Mr. Coach and I registered for the wedding (more on that coming soon), we tried to pick a lot of functional items and things we could really use, rather than just gift or keepsake items. I've since gone back and added a vase here and a picture frame there, but for the most part we were looking at very useful items. Then, these beauties cause Mr. Coach's eye.

Yes, you read that right. My man spotted the beautiful Belle Boulevard toasting flutes, and I couldn't be more proud! I fell in love with them immediately and we added them to the list. Although they didn't have a matching dessert set in the store, when I got home I checked online and found the cake knife and server to complete the set.

I tried so hard to do the details justice - please excuse my lack of camera skills!

After I told Grandmother Coach we had registered for flutes and servers, she scurried down to Dillard's and purchased them for us so we would be sure to have them for the wedding. Isn't she great!? So now, all of these lovelies are patiently waiting to be used when the big day arrives.

I'm going to do my best to make this the extent of Kate Spade in the Coach Wedding, especially since we were lucky enough to have someone purchase these for us, and my wallet is very thankful for that. But, no promises!

So, tell me about your Kate Spade purchases - I know y'all couldn't resist her either ;)

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  1. I registered for a kate spade serving set and champagne flutes too! the ones I registered for are actually mismatched, but they were my favorite. I have the gardner street flutes and the grace avenue dessert set. I'm so excited to use them, they are so cute! I love your set too!