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Monday, July 16, 2012

Take A Seat!

Mr. Coach and I originally debated on whether or not we wanted assigned seats/tables at our reception. On one hand, we aren't doing different menu choices, so there was no need to determine who would be sitting where and getting which meal. On the other hand, we're expecting to fill of the majority of our 120 manimum occupancy limit, so every seat will neat to have someone claiming it. Ultimately, we decided that assigned tables could be a good idea. We can be assured that everyone finds a place to sit and has a spot to enjoy the festivities. More importantly, having assigned tables allows me to find cute little table numbers and make an escort card board :) I have a fun tutorial coming soon for the escort frame, but for now, let's talk table numbers!

I don't know what it is, but I looove looking for table number inspiration online. Whimsical DIY numbers, rustic number holders made from tree trunks, and super sophisticated numbers from black tie events: I love them all!

Image via Wedding Chicks,  Photo by onelove photography
So how in the world am I supposed to choose what our table numbers will look like? Do I make them myself? Print off simple numbers? Order some off of Etsy like these? The list of options goes on!

Some of my favorite inspiration is pictures like these:

Purple and red modern wedding 23

I really like the idea of using unique items for each table, rather than numbers - possibly cities, numbers with meaning (4 - Years We Have Been Dating, etc.) or maybe even the names of some of our favorite songs.

table numbers

This table number caught my eye because it really adds some glamour to the table. Since we're going with all white flowers, it could be fun to have a little sparkle with the table numbers.

Image via Shine Invitations on Etsy
Finally, I really considered just ordering these beauties online and calling it a day, but where's the fun in that!? :) Whether I end up buying them or not, they are so classic and could easily spruce up any table decor.

I would really like to try and make my own numbers, possibly replicating one of the options above. I think any of them could be done with a little work. So, this is where I stand, still swooning over inspiration and trying to decide what I like best/where to begin. Any thoughts or suggestions? Did you purchase your table numbers or buckle down and make your own?

Which of the options above do you like best?
1. DIY Table Names with Meaning/Song Titles
2. DIY Bejeweled Beauties
3. DIY Classic Calligraphy
4. Save some time & buy one of the above options pre-made (tell me which one!)

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