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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My "Valuable" Planning Resources

During my recent move from my apartment to our new home, Mr. Coach picked up a suitcase and with a loud grunt said, "Man, this is heavy. What's in here!?" My response, with a chuckle: "That would be my wedding magazines."

It's a bit of an addiction, y'all. Even though I know they each have the same (lack of) information, and I've already chosen my dress/venue/photographer, I just can't pass by the magazine rack in the grocery store, or step inside Barnes & Noble, without buying at least one bridal magazine.

Miss Bracelet actually did a cool post a while back about how much content (versus advertisements) is actually in these magazines. Martha Stewart was the winner by a good bit, but I won't lie, I'm not biased at all when it comes to choosing. Brides, The Knot, Martha Stewart - The list goes on! I always justify the purchase by telling myself I only get to be a bride for a short amount of time, and when will I ever get to buy a wedding magazine again?, but that's really no excuse for the rather large collection I've accumulated.

What is it about these little pieces of heaven that makes me purchase them no matter how overpriced and under-informative they are? I typically love reading on my iPad and for that reason I hardly ever buy an actual hardback book any more, but with the magazines I just have. to. touch. I keep telling myself I'll think of something useful to do with them in the future, rather than just throwing them away. Maybe pass them on to a friend when they get engaged? But who knows if they would even want them if they're outdated. I could just hold on to them for a while and eventually pass them down to my daughter or granddaughter in the future like Mrs. Pain au Chocolat mentioned here. Who knows, but in the mean time I will continue to plan with these "valuable resources" close by :)

What wedding related item can you just not say no to? And what are you planning to do with the collection post-wedding?

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