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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wedding Registry: Created!

Registering for our wedding gifts was quick, painless and actually a lot of fun for Mr. Coach and me. We set aside a few hours on one of Mr. C's days off and headed over to Dillard's and Bed, Bath, and Beyond to make our selections.

We had a great experience at both places; employees at both stores were willing to walk around with us and help us choose, but we both preferred to just go at it on our own and then ask questions if needed. Some of my favorite items at Dillard's were our everyday dinnerware, as well as the Kate Spade toasting flutes and cake servers.
 Gordon Ramsay Dinnerware in Maze Blue & Maze White / Images via Dillard's

For our dinnerware, we went with a mix of the blue and white options of Gordon Ramsay's Maze Dinnerware by Royal Doulton. We opted not to register for china because I am inheriting a beautiful set of Royal Albert Old Country Roses from my grandmother. I really like the Belle Boulevard design from the flutes and servers, and I think if we ever decide to buy our own china, I'd like to continue with that set.

At Bed, Bath, and Beyond, we found our bedding set as well as our cookware set, among many, many other things. If there was a point in the day where we got borderline exhausted/cranky, it was at BB&B - that store is just huge, and you don't really how many items they have until you're going up and down every. single. aisle. and looking at every. single. item. Not that I'm complaining :)

Poetical by Barbara Barry via Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Cuisinart Contour via Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Our wedding is semi-destination for almost 100% of our guests in that they will have to travel at least 2 hours to make it to the festivities. My family will be driving from East Texas, his will by flying in from multiple locations. For this reason, we wanted to make our wedding registry at locations that our family and friends could easily access. Dallas has (too) many stores that we both love like Crate and Barrel, Ikea, and Anthropologie, just to name a few. But as much a we like these locations, we knew that the majority of our guest list wouldn't be able to shop there unless they did it online, and many family members wouldn't even be familiar with those names to begin with. We chose Dillard's and BB&B because they would be easy for guests to use and they had great selections, but we also wanted to add the option of guests shopping at those locations if they were familiar with them. We chose to set up an account with Gift Registry 360, which allows us to add items from any store, and create another registry with additional items we like.

A little peek at our 360 List - I am in LOVE with those Hive Vases!

I've really enjoyed this feature because I can add one or two items from a store, without having to set up a registry with them, or having to deal with them not having a registry option. Who knows if anyone will use it, but the info will be on our wedding website with the other registries, so we'll see!

Anyone else's registry process fairly painless or did you have a hard time making selections? I thought we would have a hard time choosing, but I was really surprised to find that it was easy to agree on almost everything.

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