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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Coach's Get Organized: The To-Do List

As we move closer and closer to the Big Day, the wedding planning is starting to get a little crazy. It's not so much that there are things that I don't want to do, but rather there are just so many things to do, and I remember them at the most random times! That last part is what really gets Mr. C. He has been the best partner and helper through this whole planning process, and the man really does have some great ideas, but it drives him a little crazy when I randomly spout off, "Oh, we need to do/plan/decide on this!" and immediately run to grab my laptop or calendar.

I get it - guys and girls are different, and he doesn't always want to pause the TV show to look at styles of napkin folds, listen to ceremony music, or do whatever else it is that I thought of. I, however, love to work on a task the minute I come up with it, but that obviously isn't the best way for our relationships sake :)

Enter, the To-Do list:

There might be a few sneak peeks in that list - I'm just sayin' ;) 
I tend to get a little crazy when it comes to creating/organizing anything like this (I have some pretty crazy budget-related Excel spreadsheets that would blow your mind!*) and the to-do list was no exception. I color coded the list with tasks for me, Mr. Coach, and both of us together. I also broke the tasks into groups based on the type (Cake, Music, etc.)

Okay, so maybe it's not too terribly excessive, but it's certainly not pen and paper. Making the list in Google docs also allows Mr. Coach and I to both access the list (and he can't make the excuse of not having the list to look at ;) )

There are about 60 items on the list at the moment, but I know that is going to increase exponentially over the next few months, and many items are very broad and will need to be broken up into simpler tasks. Overall, I think having the list has really helped us to be on the same page with planning. When I remember something we need to do, I head to the list to type it in, rather than expecting Mr. C to help me with it right away. Having all the tasks he needs to work on in writing lets him plan ahead without me nagging gently reminding him that it needs to get done. I think it's been a really great compromise, and we're enjoying the planning even more. There's something about checking a task of an actual list that makes it much more fulfilling!

Any other good ideas for organizing all of the tasks that need to be done, without driving your significant other crazy? I also loved Miss Dragon's idea of Wedding Wednesdays as a way to combine wedding tasks into one sitting, rather than spreading them out over the week.

*If anyone would like to take a look at my Budget template, or needs some help with their own, let me know!

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