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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Hair Trial

The last seven days have undoubtedly been the most exciting so far in the wedding planning. With the food tasting last week, my bridal shower on Saturday, and now my bridal portraits (!!), everything is really starting to get "real". You guys already know I won't be sharing my dress yet, but I do want to show you all my wedding hair style!

I went into the hair trial with a few inspiration photos, all of which were half up, half down styles, with some romantic curls. I have a TON of photos of Carrie Underwood's hair pinned, so it was no surprise to me that my wedding hair would (hopefully) mimic one of her styles.

Images via Project Wedding, here and here
I have really always loved the look of a half-up 'do. It's such the perfect mixture of an up-do and romantic curls, and allows me to not have to make a decision between the two! You know how I am about decisions

My hair stylist, Lindey, of Studio H+L, took my inspiration photos and idea and ran with them, and I was so pleased with the outcome. I was a little worried because whether or not I really liked my hair, it was going to be in my bridal shoot pictures. Luckily, I was very happy with the way it turned out!

Getting started on all of those curls!
My hair is loooong, and I have a ton of it, so most of the appointment was trying to tame the mess on top of my head into beautiful curls :) After all the curls, she worked some magic, and I was left with some nice (and big!) Texas hair, and I loved it!

Work in Progress!
Last touches..
Taking a look at the final product
She left the curls pretty tight, and right before the pictures started I ran my fingers through them for those nice romantic locks I was hoping for. The style held up so well throughout the afternoon - in 95 degree Texas heat - and I was very impressed. I can be pretty picky about my hair, so it was nice to be pleased with the trial, and excited about having my hair styled for the wedding!

Were you guys happy with your first hair trial, or did it take a few tries until you got it right?

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