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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The (Bridesmaid) Dress Hunt Begins!

The lovely Bridesmaid R and I began our search for dresses in a shop in Waco called Georgio’s. To be honest, this shop pleasantly surprised me. We went one evening, without an appointment, but one of the girls working greeted us and left us to look on our own – I actually really appreciated this because we were just getting started with our search and just wanted to browse. Waco isn’t exactly known for the nicest shops you’ve ever been to, but the staff was friendly, and the store served our purpose well. I will say that right as we were driving up, we saw an employee locking the door, which completely confused us because we had checked the hours. When we asked her about it, she replied “No, we aren’t closed – this is just Waco.” Well said, lady. 

We got started quickly, each choosing a handful of dresses for Bridesmaid R to try on. All of my bridesmaids are very similar in size, so I felt that if we liked the way the dress fit her, it was more than likely going to look good on the other girls.

Most of the dresses that we picked looked something like this:

After Six 6637 

Dessy 2863 
After Six 6622  

I really wanted the girls to wear something with straps or one shoulder because *spoiler alert* my dress is strapless, and I really wanted the contrast.

Most of the dresses were a bust. I decided very quickly that I did not like the heavier look of the satin dresses. I just wanted the girls to wear something flowy and romantic. I also did not like when the one shoulder option completely covered their shoulder and arm, I wanted more of a strap than a sleeve.

After Robin had tried on all of the options, we decided that these were the ones we liked best, although, admittedly, we weren’t super excited about either of them.

Bari Jay Style 644 

We left empty handed, but had gained a little more information about what we liked best and what to look for next:
  • Flowy fabric, such as chiffon
  • ...but not too much fabric on top
  • No strapless! Okay, this was really just one of my demands :)
  • Fun detail of some sort on the strap/near the top

How was your first bridesmaid dress shopping experience? A waste of time or learning experience? Or did you knock it out in the first try, and leave with a decision made?  (Lucky!)

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