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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Head Over Heels?

I hardly ever wear heels. It's not that I don't like them, it's more of just a technical thing.

I'm almost 5'10" and Mr. Coach is just an inch or two taller, so tall heels have always been out of the question for me because I'm not comfortable being taller than him. With that said, on occasion I will wear a small kitten heel, or maybe even an inch or two, but hardly ever anything higher than that. It makes shoe shopping pretty difficult because I really don't want to wear flats all of the time, but that's usually how it ends up.

The exception? This beauty:
Image via Dillard's
I found this particular shoe many moons ago at Dillard's, not knowing it was going to become my favorite shoe, ever. It's the perfect height, and so, so comfortable (which is saying a lot coming from this non-heel wearer.) In fact these shoes are so comfortable, I was wearing them one day a while back and literally thought to myself, "This would be the perfect shoe to wear for the wedding! I wonder if they come in red to match the bridesmaids!?" No really, I have those kinds of conversations with myself. 

The first chance I got, off to the computer I went, and discovered this:
Image via Dillard's
The exact shoe in the perfect color - too good to be true. I bought them and they fit great, but the red is a little plain in person (you knew there had to be a catch, right?)  Part of me wants to just wear the metallic ones since they've got a little more pizzazz, but when I see wedding photos like this, I really want that pop of color: 

Image via The Bride's Cafe / Photo by Ivy Weddings
I know that I really need to stick with one of these two options because it is HIGHLY unlikely that I will find another shoe that is the right height/color/comfort between now and the wedding, and honestly both shoes are great so I think I would be crazy to wear neither. 

What do y'all think? Will I be glad the red is a little more simple once I pair it with my dress, or should I go with the shiny sister shoe? Anyone else stuck between two shoe options for your wedding day? 

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