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Monday, June 25, 2012

Soundtrack for the Ceremony

A few weeks back, Mr. Coach and I spent the weekend enjoying two amazing Coldplay concerts in Dallas (we're huge fans, so yes, we went both nights!) I've mentioned before how much we both love music, and we're planning to make it a big part of our wedding. The concerts really got me thinking about what songs we are going to incorporate in the ceremony and reception, because I honestly have no idea.

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I think the fact that we both love music, and so many different types, is making the decision surprisingly more difficult. Every time I think about choosing ONE song to walk down the aisle to, or ONE song to be our first dance, I cringe at the thought of having to narrow it down that much. But, with just a little over three(!) months left, it's time to start making some of those decisions about details.

All of our ceremony music will be played by a harpist, so anything we choose has to be something she already knows how to play, or something she can find sheet music for and then learn before the ceremony. She has a pretty extensive list on her website with clips of some of the most popular songs she plays. She also gave me a demo CD with a few others, as well as making it clear that she uses her iPad to play off of during weddings and is happy to look up other songs.

For the music while guests are being seated, I'm planning to just pick a few songs we like and then let her fill in songs that fit our style. I really want this time to be filled with songs that a lot of people would recognize. One of my favorite things about our harpist is that she plays current and popular music and this is the point during the wedding where I really want to take advantage of that. Some of my favorites from her website are All I Ask of You, Bittersweet Symphony, and I Can't Help Falling in Love. I think any or all of these would be beautiful during this part of the ceremony.

I'm still trying to decide which songs would be good for seating of various family and I'm having a really tough time making a decision about the Processional music - I do love a classic Canon in D but incorporating a song that has meaning, like Yellow, could be nice too. Yellow has always been one of "our" songs (and I will never get over how amazing it is live!) but we agreed that the original version is a little too upbeat for our first dance, so I would really like to incorporate it into the ceremony or reception in some other way. The processional could be a great way to do this - Jenny's harp version is so beautiful!

I know this post is filled with lots of unknowns, but there is one thing I am almost positive about. There is a section on Jenny's website of Disney music, and I absolutely LOVE the idea of the flower girls making their entrance to a Disney classic. How precious would it be to have them walk down the aisle to Someday My Prince Will Come or A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes? Of course, their song should be the easiest because they will be adorable no matter what song I choose, even if they decide to clean up the petals rather than toss them down ;)

Anyone else having a difficult time narrowing down the songs for the ceremony? Did you try to incorporate songs that you liked outside of wedding planning, or did you just choose songs that fit well into the ceremony?

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