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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What to Wear: Getting Ready

We chose to keep our bridal party small, with both Mr. Coach and I choosing three of our closest friends to stand next to us on our wedding day. I was pleased with the decision when we made it, because I think I will really enjoy having just a few of my favorite ladies with me on the big day. Now that I'm thinking about gifts for them, I'm even more pleased, because it allows me to do something special for each of them without having to worry about breaking the bank over a huge bridal party!

I have plans to find a special gift for each of these ladies, possibly a unique necklace for each of them to wear with their dresses, or maybe just a fun care package. I've even thought about taking them for a spa day, since there's only a few of us and I could probably make it fit with the budget. The only problem with this is location - we will all be in different cities up until the day before the wedding. So, I think having a personalized gift to give to each of them is going to be the best option.

Along with the gift I choose for each of them (which is still to be determined), I want to have something for all of us to wear while we're getting ready on the big day.

I've seen a lot of people choose robes for their getting ready attire, but I just wasn't feeling them. If I was going to go with robes, some of the printed ones are gorgeous, but I really want to wear white the entire day of the wedding, including getting ready - I plan on milking this bride title for all it's worth!
Image via ShopMomento on Etsy
This shop has tons of prints to choose from! / Image via UnderWrapzRobes on Etsy
Another option is personalized tanks or t-shirts. Although, the idea of wearing a regular shirt really didn't sit well with me because of getting our hair done then having to remove it. I would rather something with buttons or can easily be taken off when we want to put our dresses on.
 Image via PerfectLittleDetails on Etsy

Image via TheLittleBridalShop on Etsy

Then, I came across the option of personalized men's Oxford shirts, and fell. in. love. I've only recently seen pictures of girls doing this, but I thought it was a great idea. 

I love the crisp look of the all white shirts, possibly with red monograms to match the girls dresses? I also really like the idea of giving the girls a shirt thats a little different, like the blue stripes below, or maybe even a solid red with white writing, and have theirs be opposite of mine. 

*All monogrammed shirt photos found here!

Either way I LOVE this idea, and FMIL Coach said she could help me out and monogram them on her sewing machine which should save a lot of money since they're going for about $40 a shirt on Etsy! The shirts will be perfect for getting ready since they can easily be unbuttoned with no worry of messing up our hair! 

My only problem with the shirts is that unlike the robe, I don't think the girls would get much use of it after the wedding. This is the main reason that I'm planning to not only have the shirt for them, but another gift as well that they can wear or use. Such a nice perk of a small bridal party! 

Any suggestions on colors for the monogrammed shirts? Has anyone gone this route with the shirts, or done something else really unique for getting ready attire?

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