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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Going With My Gut

A while back, I shared my excitement over choosing our photographer, and promised to share a little more about how we made the final decision. It was somewhat of a difficult decision because the photos and video that we will receive after our wedding day are very important to me. Mr. Coach jokes that after the wedding he expects to come home from work many nights and find me sitting on the couch crying over our wedding film and/or photo album.

Honestly, that's probably not too far from the truth - I do love to reminisce. So, I knew that I was putting a lot of faith into whoever we chose to document our day.

Similar to Mrs. Boa Constrictor, I found myself caught between choosing the more expensive professional, and the budget friendly, but also very talented, photography student. Let me tell you, it is a tough place to be, or at least it was for me. I mean, these are my WEDDING PHOTOS we're talking about. Thoughts kept running through my mind of all of moments throughout that day they couldn't be repeated or replicated.

I did contact a few others just for comparison's sake, but the professional photographer who's work I had fallen in love with was Alex Maldonado of AlexM Photography. I had discovered his work during my Freshman year of college, when I also fell in love with the work done by Vanessa McKellar, and I had been stalking his blog ever since. I really loved his fun take on weddings and the way he captured the "typical" wedding events in a unique way.

Photo by AlexM
But he's not all fun and games - he also just takes really amazing photos.

Photo by AlexM

Up until I actually started planning a wedding I just KNEW I was going to have Alex shoot the big day. But then, budgets happen, and you have to be realistic. By no means did I think Alex's wedding packages were overpriced, in fact, I thought they were pretty reasonable for the amount of work he was going to do and the quality of his work. But reasonable or not, money is money, and I really didn't want to spend that much on photography. I'm not sure what I was expecting - some kind of low-priced miracle, apparently - but I knew I had to look at other options.

I mentioned I had contacted a few other photographers, both in the DFW area as well as near my hometown in East Texas. Although there are many talented photographers out there, I just didn't feel like any of them were the right choice. Some were way overpriced, others were going to limit us on time to a mere 3 or 4 hours, which wouldn't even cover the reception.

I needed someone who could 1) take great photos, 2) who was willing and able to shoot the entire day - from getting ready to final exit, 3) who was reasonably not expensively priced, and for the icing on the cake, I would love a second shooter.

This is where the lovely and talented Megan Fortner comes in. Megan is a talented photographer, studying art at a university in Dallas, and we also went to high school together. She fulfilled each and every one of those requirements (!!) and was available on our day. It almost seemed too good to be true. After a good bit of deliberation, I finally just went with my gut and chose Megan.

Photo by Megan Fortner

Photo by Megan Fortner

Why yes, that IS a Piazza Wedding! / Photo by Megan Fortner
Did I worry about the fact that we didn't choose an "experienced professional" to photograph our wedding? At first, yes I did. I went back and forth, asking myself if it was the right choice. I wondered if maybe I should just find the money in the budget for Alex and let that be that.

But then as Megan began to post more weddings on her blog, and told me about the two internships she was doing (one of them with another wedding photographer) I knew she was going to get even more experience before October got here. On top of that, she did our engagement photos, and I was MORE than happy with the way they turned out. I 100% believe that what she may lack in experience she makes up for in the freshness of her work and the "young" ideas she has. I know she is learning great techniques from school and internships, and she will also have newer and exciting ideas for our wedding day photos. I went with my gut feeling, made a decision, and honestly can't wait for her to shoot my bridal portraits, and finally our wedding day!

What was the hardest decision you guys have had to make regarding the wedding? Maybe it was choosing the photographer, which dress you like best, or maybe just which flavor of cake is the tastiest? :)

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