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Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Get This DIY Show on the Road

As much as I love picking and choosing vendors to take part in our wedding day (mainly because they are pro's and I know their work will be fabulous!), there are certain items I would really like to DIY and prepare myself. Outside of wedding planning, I LOVE to craft and create. (One of my favorite rooms in our new house is my dedicated crafting room! Thanks Mr. C!) I promised myself early on that I wouldn't get overloaded with projects during the planning process, but who says I can't still squeeze a few in here and there!? :) Although I won't be physically creating some of the larger aspects of the wedding, like the floral arrangements, I have plans to create some smaller, yet very important details for the Big Day. So far, I have plans to:
  • sew/create the Ring Bearer's pillow
  • design some sort of holder, probably a frame, for the escort cards at the reception
  • put together a gift/care package for my lovely bridesmaids
  • create table numbers for the reception
  • decide on our exit from the reception, and then put together whatever "supplies" will be needed.

So far I have ideas for the ring pillow, something with a big bow, and possibly lace:
via HandAndHeritage on Etsy
via OneBlushingBride on Etsy
As well as the escort card holder - I'm thinking a large frame with ribbon hung across it to hold the cards, like so:
image via The Knot, Photo by Laura Novak

It's not a very extensive list at this point, but I do love the idea of a few handmade items making their way into our wedding in some way, shape or form. 

The only problem is... finding motivation to start on these projects. I'm always so afraid of making something and then stumbling across something I like better or a different way I should have done it. The procrastinator in me likes to justify why I'm waiting so long to get started :)

Help me out, guys! How do motivate yourself to get started, rather than waiting until the last minute for some of those important "little" projects? Any tips on any of these potential projects?

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