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Monday, June 4, 2012

Keeping It Natural: Makeup Trial

Let's talk about makeup.

Rather, let's talk about my lack of things to say about makeup, because I don't wear it nearly as often as I think I should. 

I briefly mentioned here the type of atmosphere where I grew up and the laid back lifestyle I was accustomed to. Now, as we plan our wedding and start our life in a bigger city, I find myself going out more and having more opportunities  to dress up and "put my face on."

But... I don't. 

Without makeup - My daily look (and just to keep it real, my hair is up in a ponytail) :

I would like to say it's because I just like a natural look and choose to wear little to no makeup. But really, I just don't always like to take the time to do it. I've also never really taken the time to learn techniques for eye makeup and the more detailed processes, and my mom chooses not to wear much makeup either, so I never picked up on hints from her. I can do the "basics", I've just never been the girl who liked trying new colors and styles of makeup in her spare time. (For this reason, I also chose not to apply my own makeup for the wedding. It would be pretty non-existent and wouldn't look too great in photos).

However, I refuse to let this be the case on my wedding day. For one, it is probably going to be the most photographed day of my life, and I don't want to look at pictures of my face without makeup. It's also an opportunity to wear more makeup than I usually do, and have a little fun being pampered while someone puts it on. My main request in finding someone to do makeup for the Big Day was that they would be able to do a good job, without making my face look completely different than it does on a normal day. I want a fresh and "bridal" look, but nothing too heavy where I don't feel like myself. 

After looking at many reviews online, I decided to book a trial with Amanda Hugdahl of AH Makeup Artistry. Multiple people mentioned a soft look and feeling like a better version of themselves. I was also pleased with the before and after photos she had posted on her website, so I went into the trial feeling very confident.

Amanda did a great job of matching my skin color, which is very fair, and applying my makeup in a way that fit my personality and (lack of) normal makeup wear. 

These pictures were taken as I left her home studio:

Makeup immediately after the trial run

After I had my makeup done, I called Mr. Coach and joked with him that he needed to take me out that night because I couldn't waste having it done by sitting at home ;) To my delight, when I got home and he saw my makeup, he agreed! We decided to make the trek downtown for a Dallas Stars game. This is my makeup 4 or 5 hours later at the game:

Go Stars! 
Happy spectators!

I really just needed a reapplication of lip gloss and I would've been good to go. I definitely understand that my makeover was nothing drastic, but it was enough to be noticeable in person, and to make me feel confident in having my picture taken, and that is exactly what I wanted for the wedding. 

Just for a dramatic effect, a before/normal day, and my face with makeup:

I am more than happy with the result! I think the eyes are the most noticable difference, and I'm happy about that. I booked Amanda, and chose a package that includes the trial, bridal portrait makeup, and the wedding, so we should have it perfected by the time the wedding gets here!

Are you doing something different and fun for your wedding makeup? Or are you just aiming for a natural, better version of your normal makeup? 

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