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Monday, June 4, 2012

Honeymooning With Mickey

Mr. Coach paid the final balance on our trip just a few days ago, so it's official - We're going on a cruise for our honeymoon! But not just any cruise, a Disney Cruise! That's right, we're going to spend our first few days as husband and wife relaxing with Mickey and all of his friends.

The Disney Dream / Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line

I know what you're thinking, a Disney Cruise for your honeymoon? And you would have somewhat of a point. Yes, the Disney Cruise Line does focus on family vacations and events for kids. Yes, there will be many, many kids on the boat with us. But that won't stop us!

Mr. Coach and I (along with The Potion's, The Castle's and others) are both really big fans of Disney for multiple reasons. First of all, Disney goes all out when it comes to accommodations and experience. Case in point: Grand Floridian & Grand Californian.

Six Story Lobby, Grand Californian Hotel, Walt Disney Land 

Grand Floridian Hotel, Walt Disney World
But it's not just the hotels, its the atmosphere. They don't let the fact that their main clientele is 12 & under effect the quality. They go all out with themes, decorations, and quality service.  Another (significant) reason we love Disney is the FOOD. We love some good food, y'all. While I haven't been to Victoria & Albert's (I would've been too young to appreciate it anyway) Mr. Coach has experienced the food there and can't wait for more yummy Disney cuisine. The ship we will be going on has one French inspired restaurant that I am particularly excited about, with a menu designed by Chef Arnaud Lallement, as well as Scott Hunnel from Disney World's Victoria and Albert's. All of that to say - we love food and are already salivating over the yummy meals that will be waiting on that big ocean liner.

But why Disney? Surely we could get good food and great service on many other cruise ships? Well, to be quite frank: we really just like Disney, and the fact that the boat will be filled with families really doesn't bother us much at all. In fact, we're kind of excited about it. It will be a laid back atmosphere, and lively at the same time. Mr. Coach has been to both Disney World and Disney Land multiple times. I've experienced Disney World as well as two previous cruises. We're just Disney people!

Another reason we are A-Okay with this cruise line is because we will have this to return to whenever we please:

Private Deck/ Royal Suite, Disney Dream
We are more than just a little excited about our suite. Complete with our own hot tub, we will be able to slip away to the privacy of our room and deck whenever we'd like.  One particular thing we really like about Disney, and this room, is the classic elegance they use to decorate. Judging by this room, you would never guess that the boat is covered with Snow White and Cinderella inspired decor, or that there are Disney characters on every deck. We're so excited about the contrast between the vintage suite and the Donald Duck pool. We love it all!

So, do you officially think we're crazy now for choosing this as our honeymoon? Where are you guys going for your honeymoon - anywhere that can compete with the weird looks we get when we tell people about our Disney dream? :)

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