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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let's Eat!

Last week on one of Mr. C's days off, we got to partake in one of the most exciting wedding events so far: the tasting for our reception food! I've mentioned a few times in passing that both Mr. Coach and I take our food very seriously :) We carefully chose the items off the Piazza's menu that we wanted to try, and were looking forward to checking out the quality of the food they would be serving. And y'all... we were blown away! From the presentation to the portions to the overall taste and quality, the whole experience was top notch, and you had better believe I'm going to make time for a least a few bites of that yummy food on our big day! 

Mr. C patiently waiting for the food to come out!
We started out with two hors d'oeuvres that would be served during Cocktail Hour: Mini Beef Wellington and Crab Salad in an Endive Leaf. For the tasting, we opted to go with food we could never choose without trying it first, that way if we weren't too crazy about it, we could fall back on an option that we already had an idea of the taste. For example, we also wanted to offer Bruschetta, but since we had a pretty good idea of what that would be like, we chose the other two (our limit for the tasting) as our options to try. 

I was really unfamiliar with Beef Wellington before the tasting, but Mr. C suggested we try it and I'm so glad he did! The Crab Cake had a spicy little kick to it, and the warm Beef Wellington was a nice way to neutral it out. Both of the hors d'oeuvres we tried were so, so yummy, and we chose to go with both, as well as adding Bruschetta for a nice little mix to be offered during cocktail hour. 

Next, we tried a Red Wine Poached Pear Salad, and.. we weren't really fans. In all honesty, we (mostly I) do not really venture out when it comes to salad. A ceasar, house salad or an occasional wedge is about all that we ever try, so this was a loooong stretch. I honestly think that for what it was it was good, but just not our style. 

Finally, the main courses! We had previously chosen to try the Bacon Wrapped Filet (I love my red meat!) and Chicken Grand Marnier. Both were absolutely delicious! If we were allowing guest a choice of two dishes, I certainly would've used both of these as I think they would both be big hits! We are only having one meal, however, and we ultimately decided that the (amazing) chicken was our best bet at pleasing over 100 people. I did love that filet, though. 

One thing that the Piazza did during the tasting that I really enjoyed was a "mini" wine tasting. They allowed us to try their four house wines throughout the food tasting, and it was such a nice touch. We were actually pleasantly surprised by one of their options, and chose to have it served during cocktail hour.

The whole event was a huge success and we were really pleased with the quality of food that we will be serving to our guests during the reception. I may or may not ask for a "to-go" plate to be made for myself, just in case I don't get to eat during dinner :)

Has anyone else done a food tasting recently? Were you surprised (good or bad) by the quality of food?  

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