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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Almost Forgotten Guestbook

I'm finding myself beginning to "remember" a LOT of things concerning the wedding that weren't necessarily forgotten about, but rather just pushed aside because I would figure them out closer to the wedding.

With just over two months, we are now "close" to the wedding, and there are many things that I have had to force myself to make a decision on because there's just no time to procrastinate any longer! Luckily, I haven't completely forgotten anything or waited too late to take care of it (knock on wood!) but I aaaaalmost made the mistake of waiting to late to decide on the guestbook. A little over a week ago, Momma Coach text me asking about a guest book. We had talked about them shortly after Mr. C proposed, but I really hadn't given much thought to them since then. Momma C had mentioned that she knew someone who could make a custom bridal book, but in all honesty, when I pictured this I just saw a big ball of lace with a lot of old fashioned mixed in.

Maybe not that much lace, but you get the picture ;) / Image via Handmade Artists
I assured her I would find one, but it might be a little more contemporary, and Off and on over the last few months I would glance at guest books on Etsy. I really just browsed and never really looked with buying in mind. Then, I got Momma C's text, and realized I needed a guest book like, yesterday, because my shower is coming up (this Saturday!)

So, I headed over to Etsy (no surprise there, I'm sure) and took a look at my options. Some of my favorites were:

This romantic book from Modern Shabby, complete with a big 'ole bow!

 Romantic Guest Book via Modern Shabby on Etsy 
A custom, and somewhat modern, book from Transient Books:

Modern Guest Book via Transient Books 
And, a pretty little mixture of the two, from Emerson Bindery:

Damask Guest Book via Emerson Bindery on Etsy
Like I said before, I unfortunately waited a little too late to start looking for a guest book. I really wanted to have the guestbook for the shower so I could have all the signatures from the shower and the Big Day in one book, and many of the other options couldn't make it in time. However, Beth from Emerson Bindery was quick to respond to my message and more importantly, quick to get the book ready and send it to me! It arrived Saturday, complete with fun wrapping a a note from Beth. A handwritten thank you note can go so far!

I can't wait for those pages to be filled! 
Has anyone else almost made a critical error when it came to deadlines or planning? I'm so glad that I was able to find an option I liked, but I'm afraid next time I might not be quite so lucky!

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