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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mr. C Found His Wedding Band!

...Sort of.

So, when I told you guys about my wedding band, I mentioned how we had initially shopped for bands at James Avery many, many moons ago. While I wasn't able to find a ring there, Mr. Coach found a nice band that he really liked! At that point we weren't looking to buy, but now we're at the point where we really need to buy (!) so we returned to the store a few days ago for another look.

We remembered the ring having both yellow gold and sterling silver on it, because Mr. C wanted it to match the watch he wears daily, so when we arrived at the store, he tried on this ring... something wasn't right.

Simplicity Wedding Band via James Avery

This ring was nice, but it was looking a little too "dainty" on Mr. C's hand. We were both a little confused, because this was the only ring in the showcase that fit our description. At this point, I started digging around in my purse to see if I could find the card they had given me during our last visit. By some miracle, I still had it and handed it over to the sales lady.

It turned out that the ring he had tried was in the showcase in another color option (titanium and silver), but also came in the option we had seen - they just didn't have it....Fail.
The ring they had in stock... / via James Avery

....And, the ring we wanted. / via James Avery

Since we had technically seen the ring (6+ months ago), we could've gone ahead and ordered it, but we chose to have it transferred in to the store so Mr. C could see it in person one more time before buying and having it engraved. It arrived at the store yesterday, and we're hoping to go check it out Friday and make the purchase. Then, we'll have to wait a little longer for the engraving, before it will officially be his! Sometimes Mr. C really surprises me by being the high maintenance one ;)

Anyone else recently found the perfect wedding band for your or your significant other? Do tell!

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