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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pop Quiz: Wedding Planning With (Or Without) Your Fiance

Hey y'all! We've already had some fun Pop Quizzes so far; Mrs. Hawk had some questions about details before your engagement, and Miss Dragon talked about some of life's big decisions that come with relationships. 

Today, I want to talk to you guys about the nitty gritty of planning, because I am right smack dab in the middle of it. I'm very lucky in that Mr. Coach is (usually!) very willing to help me with planning, but there are times when I can see his eyes just glazing over. I want to see what parts of planning are the most enjoyable for everyone, as well as the not so enjoyable decisions for you and your significant other (for the sake of giving Mr. C the day off every now and then!) Let's see how we all compare! My choices are at the bottom!

1. Overall, how involved in the wedding planning is/was your significant other?
1.     Only the “big” decisions like when and where
2.     A little input here and there
3.     They help with every detail, down to the last table linen and floral centerpiece
4.     I’m not doing most of the planning, they are!
5.     I’ll be lucky if they even show up on the right date, because they haven’t had any part of the planning!

2. What is your fiancé’s favorite part of planning, if any?
1.     Choosing the wedding venue/location
2.     Food and cake tasting
3.     Meeting with vendors – DJ, Photographer, etc.
4.     Something else (tell us what in the comments!)
5.     He/she loves it all!

3. What is your fiance’s least favorite part of planning, if any?
1.     The big choices like date and location
2.     Meeting with vendors – DJ, Photographer, etc.
3.     Details like colors and flowers
4.     Searching for his wedding day attire
5.     Something else (tell us what in the comments!)

4. What is your favorite part of wedding planning to do together?
1.     Big choices like budget decisions and venue locations
2.     Picking the food and drinks
3.     Making music selections
4.     Working on paper details like STD’s and invitations
5.     Something else (tell us what in the comments!)
5. Do you and your fiancé have a designated time for wedding planning?
1.     Yes, we set aside a certain day of the week.
2.     Yes, we do wedding planning at a certain time each day.
3.     No, we just plan whenever something comes up.
4.     No, I do it all so there is no need for a designated time together.

6. What has been the hardest wedding related decision for you and/or your fiancé to make?
1.     Budget – we just don’t agree on how much to spend
2.     Date and Location
3.     Color scheme and flowers
4.     Photographer
5.     Music
6.     Something else (tell us what in the comments!)

7. What aspects of planning and/or wedding details did you keep “secret” from your fiancé before the big day?
1.     Not a thing – he’s seen the dress and he knows all of the plans
2.     Just the dress
3.     All of the wedding day ensemble – dress, veil, hair, jewelry, etc.
4.     Your wedding day ensemble + Some wedding details like colors, cake, or flowers (tell us which details in the comments)
5.     It’s all a secret – he doesn’t know a thing about the big day!

My Answers:

1. Somewhere between choice #2 and #3 - Mr. C is involved in pretty much every decision that's made regarding the wedding, but I did give him a "pass" to skip over the meetings with florists!

2. I'd have to go with #1 for this question. We had the best time looking at the good venues and loved laughing at the bad (afterwards, of course!)

3. Probably #3 for this one. No particular details come to mind, just details in general that he doesn't understand the importance of. 

4. Choice #2 - We loooove food ;)

5. We have no designated time, but I try to refer to our handy To-Do list as much as possible, instead of just throwing things out at Mr. Coach.

6. Music! There's just so many songs we like, it's been hard to narrow it down to just a few "special" songs.

7. #3 - All of the aspects of my wedding day attire are a mystery to Mr. C!

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