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Monday, August 13, 2012

The One Thing Standing Between Me and The Wedding...

..Is now completed! This past weekend, I had my 15 minutes 10 seconds of fame, walked across the stage (without falling), and received my college diploma!

I don't want to sound like a crazy, wedding-obsessed girl who just wanted to finish school and get married, buuut.... that's exactly what I've been since Mr. C proposed last October, and dare I say, even before that? I've always been a great student, and always knew I wanted to go to college and get my degree, but to be perfectly honest, when I realized about 2 semesters in that I could graduate early, I was stoked. Mr. Coach graduated early with his degree, in just three years, and when I realized I could do the same, and possibly marry this man a little sooner, and I was pretty darn excited. So, when the wedding planning came into the picture, even though I was "getting out" early, my graduation day couldn't come soon enough. I really just wanted to finish up all of my classes, and be able to focus 100% on our Big Day.

Now, that time is finally here! I will undoubtedly start searching for a job after the wedding, but I'm very lucky in that Mr. C has a great job, and I can just enjoy these next few months of wedding planning without feeling like I need to focus on a job hunt right away.

My diploma was actually in the tube! So exciting to see that document!
My graduation from college also marks the end of a pretty extensive stage in mine and Mr. C's dating relationship. We have been dating for almost four years, with 3 of those being while I was in college, so there has already been, and will continue to be some transitioning. I've already realized it's a little different not having your own places and schedules, and going from a long distance relationship to living in the same place is certainly a change, but overall, everything that is happening right now (moving, graduation, marriage!) is very exciting and all very positive for us!

I'm really hoping to fill these next 2 months (um, what!?) with some fun projects, and of course lots of last minute planning. I can't wait to share it all with you guys, and I really can't wait for October to get here so that I can marry my best friend - as an education woman! ;)

Has anyone else hit any big non-wedding milestones lately? It's so hard for me to not be completely focused on the wedding and push other things aside, but I really enjoyed getting to walk across the stage and focus on a non-wedding celebration with family for a few days!

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